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Decorating can be easy. At least, it can be if you have the right professionals, tools and materials on your side. Get painting and decorating in Maida Vale from D&B and that’s exactly what you’ll have. Qualified and experienced tradesmen. The latest equipment. And specially chosen local materials which meet both your budget – and your desire for the perfect finish.

Tell us what you want from your project. Do you need to redecorate a single room? Highly skilled exterior painters for your Maida Vale home’s facade? Or specialists to work as part of a larger project? D&B provides all of the above. Backed by a full quality guarantee. An enviable reputation. As well as the reassurance that only NIC EIC vetted tradesmen can provide.

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Why come to D&B?

  • Clear quote system giving you an all-inclusive price before work starts
  • Meet with a professional onsite first – without obligation – to plan your project
  • A highly experienced team committed to causing as little disruption as possible
  • Make your budget and your goals mesh together properly
  • Select from a range of high-quality paints, including environmentally friendly and metal-safe types

How your painters in Maida Vale will get the job done

First of all, your painters and decorators will need to know what you want for your Maida Vale property. To make this clear, we always prefer that you meet with one of our experts at the property in question at a convenient time. You can talk to them about your plans. Get advice on the best way to make your vision a reality, should you wish to. And then look forward to receiving an all-inclusive quote within three to five working days.

D&B’s painting and decorating services are designed to work around your schedule. So simply let us know which weekdays will work best for you. That’s when your work will be done.

NIC EIC and Gas Safe registered

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Tell us when the best time for your appointment is. Or ask any questions which you need to have answered. Dial 020 3026 6471 on any weekday, Monday through Friday, between 9 am to 7 pm to speak to a helpful member of the D&B team.